Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for the University Programmes 2016-17

(For U.G. / P.G. Programmes)

EVEN SEMESTER 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester
Commencement of Regular Classes 1st Dec 2016
1st Internal Examination 9th to 11th Jan 2017
2nd Internal Examination 8th to 11th Feb 2017
3rd Internal Examination 8th to 11th Mar 2017
Closing of Attendance / End of Classes 8th April 2017
Commencement of End Term Examination 11th to 28th April 2017
UG 11th to 19th April 2017
PG 20th to 28th April 2017
Publication of End Term Result 15th May 2017

*Course wise new batches starting dates in the first week of July will be intimated separately.

Internal Examination (Total 40 Marks)

1) Out of 40 internal marks 30 Marks allocated for internal written examinations. Each exam carries 15 marks and out of three examinations best two marks will be awarded.

1st Internal – 15 Marks | 2nd Internal – 15 Marks | 3rd Internal – 15 Marks

2) 10 Marks = Concerned teacher can award based on the student performance in the class through Case Study / Problem Solving / Presentation / MCQ / any other

End Term Examination (Total 60 Marks)

Multiple Choice Questions/Fill in the Blanks/Matching type of questions are not allowed in End Term Examinations.