Cultural Club

Sri Sri University Students' Cultural Club

Club Representatives

Convener – Harsh Maheswari
Co-convener – Rounak Bansal, Devanshee Kothari
Faculty Mentor – Dr. Pushpendra Khandelwal

Club Activities

1. Ganesh Chaturthi

In collaboration with the BBA students, the club had organised 10 day event of Ganesh Chaturthi from 5th sept - 15th sept. The 10 day event included Pooja, dance, music, quiz and many more activities that all batches had planned. Basically, 10 day event was categorized on the batch basis to perform.

2. Onam Celebration

The club had successfully helped the students to serve the traditional food in the mess from table to table. This had happened on 14th Sept. 2016.

3. Diwali Celebration

The club had taken the initiative of celebrating Diwali in a different manner than the previous years. This time the club had organized Rajasthani Dance Evening during the evening of Diwali i.e 30th October. There was special rajasthani food( Dalbati Churma) being served on the same day during lunch. Lastly, lanterns, lights, diyas were used to decorate the campus.