Department of Yogic Science

  • Yoga is a holistic way of healthy living with its origin in ancient Indian Philosophy. The science of Yoga imbibes the complete essence on the ‘Way of Life’.
  • Yoga is about emotional integration and spiritual elevation.
  • Careful practice of Yoga ‘asanas’ can improve the quality of life, reduce stress, lower heart rates and blood pressure, help relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia apart from improving one’s overall physical fitness, strength and flexibility.
  • The course offers a blend of Yoga and management skills that complements one’s personal development.
  • Students receive continuous support and are also encouraged to participate in various national and international programmes.
  • Practical classes aim to give students a systemic approach to the study of ‘asanas’, ‘pranayama’, ‘pratyahara’, ‘dharana’, ‘dhyana’ and ‘shatkriyas’.
  • Sudarshan Kriya®, a powerful breathing technique is an integral part of the student’s daily routine.
  • Career opportunities are in the field of teaching, research and entrepreneurship.