Faculty of Agriculture

  • Study of Agriculture integrates the basic sciences, humanities, agriculture, allied sciences and also includes agricultural engineering.
  • This enables you to acquire knowledge and skills to develop technology and/or processes to increase both the production and productivity of agriculture and other farm produce through efficient utilization and conservation of natural resources.
This visionary course aims at filling the gap by creating skilled professionals who go back to practicing farming, create their own start-up companies or do government jobs. The innovative training methodology, faculty-student bonding and industry exposure makes this ideally suited to this objective. It is a technical programme that aims at providing cost- effective education through a technologically advanced agriculture curriculum.
  • Students undergo practical training placement with the farmers through the RAWE programme (Rural Agricultural Work Experience)
  • NGOs involved in the training and building of the rural economy and technologies support companies under Hands on Training (HOT) and Agro-Industrial Attachment (AIA) programme.
  • Students also participate in all-India and state educational tours, that provide exposure to State Agricultural Universities and ICAR governed research institutions
After finishing the course, the students have the following options:
  • become agricultural scientists, farmers or entrepreneurs.
  • start small companies that develop technologies to support agricultural activities
  • build a career in seed production companies and agriculture – related industries such as agribusiness, crop production, soil and water conservation engineering
  • opportunities are available in allied industries such as banking, biotechnology and rural business management.
  • There is a further option of specializing in a Master’s programme in any major specific agricultural discipline such as agronomy, entomology, horticulture, plant genetics and breeding, soil and water conservation engineering, etc.