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Sri Sri University Students' Marketing Club

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Convener: Anish Goyal
Co-Convener: Suchit Peddi, P. Karthik

Club Activities

Concourse 2016

It began with the efforts of the Marketing students from the last month, with calling the judges, fixing the dates, submitting the research papers, and preparing for the 2nd Marketing Conclave at Sri Sri University. On, 24th September, it started with the holy Guru Puja, followed by honouring the Chief Guests and lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries from the Marketing Industry and the University pillars comprising of Dr. Nand Lal, the Vice Chancellor and Dr. Jyotirmaya Mahapatra, Dean, FMS who took their turns to address the gathering.

The guest of honour, Mr. Anil RadhaKrishnan (CEO of Adani Logistics Ltd), Mr. Naga Mr. Janyavula (Pharmaceutical Professional & Senior Vice-President of Hetero Drugs Ltd), Mr. Syamal Kishore Ram (President, Global Operations) & Ms. Mumukshu Mohanty (India Leads of Internal Communications at Sapients) all shared there vast experience over the years and participated in the discussion not only on customer insights but also advised the students to focus on achieving excellency.

Branding Strategies for High Technology Products, Interactive Marketing Communication for better Customer Experience and Futuristic Marketing with Automation, were the few topics on which papers were invited from the students. The event was not just limited to the paper presentation, but also included a panel discussion on “Challenges in Managing Sales Force and Retaining Achievers”.

The students left no stone unturned in order to deliver their best and to satisfy the queries raised by the esteemed judges for the conclave. The presentations came to an end and the winners were awarded with cash prizes. To guide the students and help them concentrate on attaining perfection, one of the dignitaries said , “ For achieving success, branding oneself is the most challenging aspect and have a big formula in life, don’t run behind the success, work passionately and work for it!”. This acted as a great boost for the students and the conclave. Finally it was concluded with a vote of thanks to our esteemed guest of honour and our faculties.