Bachelor of Dance – Odissi

In the era of new-age and industry relevant courses, the rich, ancient traditions of the classical arts are not receiving the attention they deserve. But Sri Sri University is hosting industry relevant and new-age courses, alongside courses which are well-ensconced in the Indian tradition.

Course Details

The curriculum includes courses on English Communication, Sanskrit, Cultural History and Yoga.

Besides opportunity to perform on stage, in various local and national level events organized inside as well as outside the campus, the students at SSU also gain exposure through the world-class conferences, festivals, events and various forums organized by the Art of Living.

Students are trained to become professional dancers with UGC approved qualifications, who can impart dance education by setting up their own studios or by teaching in schools.

Code Course
1/14/4/101 Communicative English
1/14/4/102 Foundation of Yoga
1/14/4/103 Basic of Odissi Dance
1/14/4/104 Basic of Odissi Dance Theory
1/14/4/105 One Nritya (Magalacharan)
Code Course
1/14/4/201 History of Culture
1/14/4/202 SANSKRIT: Introduction of the Vedas, Origin of dance according to natya shastra, abhinaya darpana and abhinaya chandrika and the basic knowledge about how to purify  body, Mind and soul
1/14/4/203 Batu Nritya with Notation
1/14/4/204 Sapta Talla: Detailed study of dhruva,matha, rupaka, jhamp, triputa, atta and ekatalli showing matras by hand.
1/14/4/205 NRITTA: One pallavi in ekatali with Notation
Code Course
1/14/4/301 Yoga with Spirituality (Patanjali Yoga Sutra)
1/14/4/302 History (Dance with Spirituality )
1/14/4/303 Viniyoga of all Sanjukta and Asanjukta hastamudra
1/14/4/304 Jati hasta,Deva hasta,Chari veda,Bhramari,Bhangis
1/14/4/305 One pallavi in Triputa tal seven matras with notation.
1/14/4/401 Make-up/Costume
1/14/4/402 Abhinaya  with reference to its different aspects:-Angik,Vachika,Aharya, Swatika
1/14/4/403 Viniyogas of 15 Samyukta Hasta Mudra and 20 Asamyukta Hasta Mudra
1/14/4/404 One odiya abhinaya in Ekatali, with notation of this abhinaya.
1/14/4/405 One Asthitapadi form Geet-Govind, notation of this Asthipadi
Code Course
1/14/4/501 Stage Management, Stage Decorate, Stage Scrap
1/14/4/502 Knowledge of Folk Dances of Orissa. Knowledge of the terms relating to taal:- khandi, gadi, mana, mukti, pluta, matra, tali, khali, sama
1/14/4/503 Arasas in the seven talas
1/14/4/504 Viniyoga of Shira veda,Drishti veda,Griba veda
1/14/4/505 One pallavi in ektalli (saveri pallavi)
1/14/4/601 History of Indian dances through Sindhu Sabhyata, Vedic Yuga, Mahakavya Yuga, BudhaYuga, PuranicYuga, Mughal Yuga and Adhunika Yuga.
1/14/4/602 Bhava and Rasa in Odissi Dance
1/14/4/603 Performance and  Moskhya Nrutya
1/14/4/604 Project Presentation and Organise Dance workshop
1/14/4/605 Ability to Compose an Item and Stage Performance


10 + 2 Pass


Duration – 6 Semesters
Seats – 20

Fees INR
Per Semester INR 15,000
Hostel type (Default) 4 sharing non AC, INR 35,000/- Per Sem

Fee Details apart from Tuition and Hostel Charges:

Admission fee: INR 5000/-
Examination Fee: INR 5000/-

Caution deposit
Library deposit: INR 5000/-
Hostel Security Deposit: INR 10,000/-

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  • Ritesh Sheth MA Yoga

    The campus feels like a resort, hill station, and university all in one. We are lucky to have multiple senior faculty from the Art of Living here on campus. The sattvic vegetarian food, access to a library and computer lab, and the spacious feel of the campus make Sri Sri University the ideal place to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

  • Suryakant Dhir MA Yoga

    After completing my post graduation and working for 23 years in the health care sector, I was looking for something that will ensure physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The Masters Program at Sri Sri University offers wonderful, path breaking education in the science of yoga.

  • Ajaya Kumar Behera MA Yoga

    I am fortunate to be a student at Sri Sri University where I have experienced the real meaning of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, the concept of “One World Family”. The slogan of Sri Sri University “Learn Lead Serve”, according to me, represents the Gnana, Karma and Bhakti streams of Yoga.