MA Yogic Science

Course Details

The Masters of Arts program in yoga is a two-year academic program, spread over a total of four Semesters, comprising 16 weeks each. In-between terms, as part of their summer projects, students will have the opportunity to receive hands-on training at The Art of Living Yoga centres located across the world.

Duration of the Course
The course will be of two academic years (four semesters) duration.

Any graduate with minimum of 50% marks Or Graduate with P.G. D.Y. Ed. / P.G.D.Y.T; both with minimum 50% marks

Objectives of the course:

  • To prepare professionals in yoga science who can teach at college and universities.
  • To train individuals to work as yoga therapists.
  • To enable individuals to pursue research in yogic sciences.
  • To develop yoga and management skills to inspire employable Yoga entrepreneurs

The Faculty of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at Sri Sri University incorporates a variety of teaching methods, involving both classical learning and practical techniques. The course curriculum is unique to the university and incorporates traditional yoga philosophy with techniques relevant to present-day lifestyles.

Total Credits required to complete the MA in Yoga are 80. The evaluation process will take into account the spiritual discipline of students.

M.A. (Yogic Science)

02 Years full time

2019-20 Entry

60 Seats

graduate or equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in any stream.*


Tuition fee per semester**

Course, Marks allotment and Credits

1st Semester:
SubjectSubject CodeCreditsMarks
Yoga Practice IFYM 1016150
Foundation of YogaFYM 1024100
Anatomy and Physiology of YogaFYM 1034100
SanskritFYM 104250
English CommunicationFYM 105250
Prana and PranayamaFYM 1064100

2nd Semester:

SubjectSubject CodeCreditsMarks
Yoga Practice IIFYM 2016150
Patanjali Yoga SutraFYM 2024100
Hatha YogaFYM 2034100
Yogic Management of Common DiseaseFYM 2044100
Yoga and AyurvedaFYM 2054100

3rd Semester:
SubjectSubject CodeCreditsMarks
Yoga Practice IIIFYM 3016150
Kundalini YogaFYM 3024100
Yoga and NaturopathyFYM 303250
Health and nutritionFYM 304250
Bhagavad GitaFYM 3054100
Research MethodologyFYM 306250
Summer Internship Program (SIP)FYM 3074100

4th Semester:

SubjectSubject CodeCreditsMarks
Yoga Practice IV (Instruction and Teaching ability)FYM 4016150
Yoga UpanishadsFYM 4024100
Yogic Psychology and Mental HealthFYM 403250
Yogic ThinkersFYM 404250
DissertationFYM 4054100
Core Elective CourseFYM 4064100
Total Credits and Marks902250