M.A. - Philosophy

This program aims to generate great understanding and philosophical insight in the Cultural, Social and Religious heritage of Indian civilization and the comparative religious and western philosophy.

Course Details

Philosophy studies the general and fundamental problems dealing with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. In these days of rapid change, in the transformations entailed by the processes of globalization, a society must equip itself with a 'philosophical temper', much like the emphasis on scientific temper that is now enshrined in the Indian constitution. But philosophy in India is in a state of crisis today. There are very few Universities which have a sustainable program in philosophy. In order to sustain philosophy education in the country, Sri Sri University has initiated this course.


BA with Philosophy as one of the major subject.


Duration - 4 Semesters
Seats - 60

Per SemesterINR 12,500

Fee Details apart from Tuition and Hostel Charges:

Admission fee: INR 5000/-
Examination Fee: INR 5000/-

Caution deposit
Library deposit: INR 5000/-
Hostel Security Deposit: INR 10,000/-


Student life