Srinovation Club

Sri Sri University Students' Srinovation Club

Club Representatives

Convener: Megha Gandhi
Co-convener: Shriya Aggarwal
Faculty Mentor: Amresh Nayak, Nanita Rath

Club Activities

1. "Entrepreneurship Development "Workshop by Rajeev Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development. 13,14 and 15th December 2015.
2. Hosted the prestigious Startup Weekend and got the highest rating in Bhubaneshwar. 5-7th Feb 2016. Students of SSU bagged the second and the third position in the competition.
3. "Samartha”, the entrepreneurship event in the college fest ORION. 17,18 and 19th Feb
4. Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive by Mr.Anup Patnaik, director of Oreline Services Pvt Ltd and East India Venture Pvt Ltd. Also, a partner of Paradip Logistics. 1st August
5. "How to build your Innovative and Creative Business Plan" Workshop by Mr. Ravi Ranjan, Head of Nasscom 10,000 Startups Warehouse Kolkata. 10th August.
6. Chaitnay Tambat secured the third position in the highly acclaimed Google Startup Weekend held in XIMB. 13-15 August. Four ideas out of the top 10 ideas selected were of the students of Sri Sri University
7. Collaboration with National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) and access "LearnWise" App along with "Entrepreneurship Opportunities Workshop" by Mr. Barada Panigrahy of the National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) of Odisha. 6th September
8. Shashank Ravi Agrawal and Bibhu Prushti , were invited to represent the club in the E-leaders training workshop conducted by National Entrepreneurship Network. 23rd and 24th September.
9. "Idea Generation" workshop by Kachua Consciousness, a Banglore based startup. 13th September
10. "Entrepreneurial Journey" a session by Mr. Sampath Reddy of Pop-Up Housing Pvt Ltd. 8th September.
11. Twice a week we have GD and case study of startups and discuss about new ideas & innovation.
12. S-Start Ups (Companies in Campus) Bring in a problem of campus and transform into a business idea.
By making also a cost effective, low investment solution to it.