Vivechana – The Counselling Space

The Thought

Every college/university must have counselling facility as part of a Student Support and Progression criterion for National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) accreditation.

Very few educational institutions employ the service of a full-time counsellor. The need for such a facility is not only to address issues of depression, stress, harassment, culture-shock, pressures to perform and related issues but provide students an insight into themselves through Psychometric assessments for determining one’s emotional and intellectual abilities as well as effective career choices.

Academics say that a strong support system, be it a counselling facility or an understanding family, is key to prevent the bottling up of emotions. There is widespread stigma attached to counsellors in colleges. Students in distress do not approach them mistaking them for psychiatrists. Awareness should be created among students and faculty that help is at hand for them.

In many colleges, faculty members don the role of counsellors. It is necessary for the faculty to be able to identify student problems since they are their first point of contact. The faculty can also act as a bridge between the students and the facility.

Sri Sri University has taken a new leap w.e.f academic year 2017-18 towards a centralized counselling facility, Vivechana ~ The Counselling Space. This facility will not only address issues and concerns facing young adults but also enable insights to explore their capabilities to the maximal.

At Vivechana

Our goal is to help you find new, healthier ways to look at your situation and give hope for a new day.

We have therapists who are skilled with problems across the life span. Some of our clinicians work only with children and adolescents and some only with adults.

We also offer full psychological evaluations (through psychometric assessments) for adolescents and adults that are both accurate and easily understood.

A broad spectrum facility, Vivechana~The Counselling Space caters to Psychometric Assessment, Career Guidance and Psychotherapy.

Our therapists can guide you through a variety of different life issues including:

Grief and loss, relationship issues, oppositional /defiant behaviours, career and work issues, stress management, bullying, trauma issues, anger, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviours, communication breakdown, academic issues, family issues, self – esteem, body image, attachment issues, spirituality, addiction and recovery, abuse

We value your trust

Your trust is important to us. Please be rest assured that all information you share will remain strictly confidential.

Chief Counsellor

Dr. Richa Chopra (M.Sc, ADPSc, Ph.D)
Counselor, Psychologist and Special Trainer

Advisory Panel

Dr. Nilanjana Sanyal (M.A., Ph.D. M.I.P.S., M.I.P.A.)
Professor, Former Head of the Department,
Department of Psychology,
University College of Science, Technology & Agriculture,
University of Calcutta.

Advisory Panel

Dr. Jagjiwan Kaur ( M.Sc M.Ed, PhD, UGC NET-JRF
Associate Professor, Govt Home Science College,
Dept. of Human Development & Family Relations,
Panjab University.

Advisory Panel

Dr. Indranee Phookan Borooah (M.A.,PhD,