3 Months Certificate Course in
Basic Sanskrit Learning

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To learn to read, write, speak and understand simple Sanskrit texts, chanting of verses, connecting the Divine language to your language, to understand the science behind this eternal language.



  • Time Duration – 3 months (6 hours per week)
  • Approximate no. of classes – (6X12) 72 classes
  • Mantra/Shloka Chanting will be a compulsory part of all classes (10-15minutes in beginning of class)


Module I (20-24 classes)

  • Introduction to Sanskrit language
  • Sanskrit Scripts – Knowing Varna, Writing and correct pronunciation of Devanagari and Roman Dicritical alphabates – 2 hours.
  • Sanskrit Varnamala (Alphabets)  – Its logic, knowing Vedic and Laukika Sanskrit varna, their spiritual meanings and effects, origin and types – 2 hours.
  • Sanskrit Pada (Words) – Types – Shabdarupa, Dhaturupa (Introduction to various pada formats). Structure – Prakriti, Pratyaya, their types and meanings.  18-20 hours.
  • Introduction to Sanskrit Etymology. Formation of new Pada – 1 hour.


Module II (20-24 classes)

  • Sanskrit Sentences – Introduction. Connecting Shabdarupa and Dhaturupa and Forming simple sentences. Understanding Karta(doer/subject) , Visheshana (adjective) and Kriya (verb) in a Sanskrit sentence. – 2 hours.
  • Understanding Karaka (case) and Vibhakti (related suffixes) in Sanskrit sentence. Their types, meaning and usage.  – 6-8 hours.
  • Upapada Vibhakti. – 1 hour.
  • Understanding and forming simple sentences in Sanskrit. – 1 hour.
  • Types of Sentences (Vachya) – Kartri Vachya,  Karma Vachya, Bhava vachya. Understanding their structure and usage. – 4 hours.
  • Verse forms – knowing anvaya, understanding some famous common verses. 2 hours
  • Sanskrit Chhanda (meters) – Introduction to Vedic and Laukika chhanda (meters). Knowing some famous chhandas with examples and their recitation. 6-8 hours.

Module III (20-24 classes)

Spoken Sanskrit – Fluency in speaking, writing and thinking in Sanskrit language. 10 hours.

Sanskrit writings – short stories, exercises etc. 2 hours.

Introduction to Sanskrit Vangmaya  – Vedic and Laukika (Veda, Vedang, Literature, Shastras). Science and different streams of knowledge in Sanskrit. 4 hours.

Understanding Selected Texts from some Famous Sanskrit writings – Veda Samhita, Upanishad, Epics (Ramayana, Mahabharata, BhagawadGita, Patanjali Yoga Sutram, Abhijnana Shakuntalam). 7-10 hours.

Download SSU Info Booklet