B.A.M.S.- Ayurvedacharya degree course is approved by NCISM, sanctioned by AYUSH
Government of India, New Delhi, and affiliated with Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha


4.5 Years
Full Time

1 Year

10+2 (PCB 50% min)
NEET qualifying score

Selection Criteria: All India AYUSH Counselling & OJEE Ayush Counselling


Our Nation is in a transition stage and It requires a large number of dynamic health professionals and lifestyle advisers. Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital under Sri Sri University intends to contribute and provide quality health education and awareness under the expert supervision of health professionals with spiritual harmony.

BAMS Course Outcome is to demonstrate:

  • comprehensive knowledge and application of the Trisutra concept to explore root causes, identify clinical manifestations of the disease to treat ailments and maintain a healthy status
  • knowledge and skills in Ayurveda, acquired through the integration of multidisciplinary perspectives and keen observation of clinical and practical experiences
  • proficiency in the holistic, unique assessment of an individual for rational approach and decision-making in the management of disease and maintenance of health
  • Perform procedures and therapeutic maneuvers with skill and dexterity in a variety of situations
  • knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide holistic quality care and preparedness to practice
  • agility, virtuous and ethical behavior, and compassion to improve the well-being of individuals and society
  • self-directedness in pursuit of knowledge and skills, which is required for advancing health care and the well-being of society
  • the ability to effectively communicate with patients, families, community, and peers
  • an understanding of qualities and required skills as a practitioner, researcher, and academician and an aspiration to become one

Dr. Pradip Kumar Panda, Hon'ble Dean

  • Chairman, Clinical Research, Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), CCRAS,
    Ministry of Ayush, Government of India
  • Participated in New Research initiatives under the guidance of our Dean who successfully lead Clinical Research & Trials for NAOQ19 drug which is now approved for relief in COVID19 viral infection.

Campus Facilities:

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