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Can a degree in ’Interior Design’ get you a lucrative career path?

One’s knack for creativity along with a strong aesthetic sense leads them to choose courses or programs where they find themselves in a creative space that allows them to use their creativity to the best of their ability! Interior Designing is one such course which garners a lot of attention from these young creative minds!

Interior design is all about an individual’s personal choice and experience which reflects on the places that have been designed. It is an extension of the individual’s mind which has been used while shaping indoor spaces with beautiful aesthetics.

If we go by definition or the exact meaning then it is ”the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment.” It is an extension of architecture, involving designing spaces to make them attractive and comfortable.

For the young aspirants with a strong aesthetic sense and those who are willing to take up a course in Interior design must keep a few important points in mind before taking a plunge into the program.
To be an interior designer, one should be well equipped with a professional degree and attain proper training in the how’s of designing pleasant and comfortable man-made spaces alongside keeping a fair amount of knowledge about colours, textures, patterns, fabrics and furniture.

A professional interior designer possesses the working knowledge of space planning, textiles, colour schemes and more. They work simultaneously with architects, engineers and builders to plan the look and function of indoor spaces.

Interior design focuses primarily on conceptual development, research, efficient planning and creating a relaxed and sustainable environment for the stakeholders. An interior designer always aims at making the wish come true of creating beautiful plush homes, workspaces and the likes into places worth living!

With an evolving lifestyle, fast-paced urbanization, high rise in population and scarcity of land and booming property prices, Indian homes are becoming smaller. Many people rely on professionals to design spaces to achieve a happy and comfortable living. The demand for houses with compact & functional interiors has seen a rise.

People are willing to hire an interior designer to help them map out the best usage of limited space besides lending a smart look to the limited space. Hence the scope of Interior design has grown exponentially making it one of the much-coveted professions in India & the world at large today.
The market trend shows a significant growth in the demand of interior designers. The stakeholders seem to have found the solution to the space crisis in the face of interior designing. Due to the growing demand for theme-based interiors, in order to make their homes or workspaces stand out, there has been a potential rise in interior design jobs in the coming years.

The interior design market is expected to see significant growth by 2025 globally. And as per a study by MarketWatch, the statistics in 2018, interior design market was valued at 130,100 million USD and can expect a potential ( CAGR) growth rate of 8.5% between 2019-202, leading the market to be valued at 212,300.