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Central Dining Hall ~ Kaivalya

The Central Dining Space

‘Kaivalya’ is the central dining space of the Sri Sri University campus. It provides three meals in a day from breakfast, lunch to dinner.

Food, Our Liberation

The word ‘Kaivalya’ derives its meaning of  ‘liberation’ (a path of ‘Raj Yoga’). Resonating in a similar vibe, ‘Kaivalya’ in the campus is liberation to a hungry stomach. In another way, it’s the campus’s Annadatta

ISO: 22000 Certified for Quality & Hygiene

The central dining mess is 100% vegetarian with hygienic kitchen services. It is ISO: 22000 certified complying with all the quality standards. The food served here is ‘Sattvik’ (high on subtle life energies) as the philosophy of Indian teachings believe that ‘what you eat impacts your mind’.

Organic & Nutritious

The aim of the dining facility is to serve organic food as far as possible. The menu is different for all seven days a week and gets updated every six months based on a feedback system. 

It Brings Us All Together

The food caters to a wide group of people coming from all over the world. It is a way of communal dining that brings all the students, staff, and employees under one roof. 

Volunteering & Spirit of Service

The spirit of volunteering is encouraged by giving the opportunity to the ones interested to be a part of the kitchen’s serving activities.