ODISHA - The Land of Splendor and Beauty

About Odisha

Orissa is the land of vivid culture, numerous splendid temples and grand monuments, mesmerizing beaches, fantastic wildlife sanctuaries and mind-blowing natural panorama.
It has been rightly regarded as a land of myriad marvels. The dynamic topographical and vegetational strength of Odisha have combined to extract some of the most stunning destinations which not only offers a visual feast for the inquisitive visitors but also highly educative and culturally pleasing insight into one of the oldest civilizations of the world.
Cradled between the sunlit water of the Bay of Bengal and the heavily forests blu-hued hills of the Eastern Ghats, Odisha’s beauty has a gem-like reflection, dazzling the visitor with her beguiling charms. Spread over 1,55,707 sq kms, her rural tranquility and great forest lands are home to all manner of wildlife whose ancestral homes lie in the deep reaches of this beautiful land. 
Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism have flourished in this land with equal ease, which pays homage to its ancient deities with extravagant style from the religious architectural wonders in the Golden Triangle of BBSR-PURI-KONARK, where you can get an encapsulated experiences of Odisha in all its infinite charm, to the mysteries of the ancient tantric temples and yogini shrines that intrigue even the most placid visitor. The glorious beaches beckon you with their tranquility and turbulent waters while cavorting dolphins trend the channel waters of Chilika lake in playful abandon Healing springs and limpid lakes in breathtaking hues stun the eye with their vivid visuals. 
Odisha’s art and crafts offer you an indelible experience of its cultural heritage, brilliantly manifested in its itkat silk, pata paintings, silver filigree and stone carving. The artist’s villages at Pipili and Raghurajpur bring alive old traditions in to a colourful and flamboyantly rich fusion.
Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are often referred to as the Twin-Cities of Odisha. The metropolitan area formed by the two cities has a population of 1.68 million in 2014. Cuttack is categorised as a Tier-II city as per the ranking system used by Government of India. Cuttack is a city in on a peninsula flanked by the Mahanadi River to the north and the Kathajodi River to the south. Bhubaneswar is located on the coastal plains of Odisha (Orissa), south-west of the River Mahanadi.

Major Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar


Cuttack and Bhubaneswar experiences typical tropical weather conditions, the summer months from March to May are hot and humid, and temperatures often shoot past 40° C in May. The south west monsoon lashes in June, bringing relief to the parched environs of Bhubaneswar. July and August receive the maximum rainfall, which may average over 220 mm a month. Pleasant weather conditions prevail during November in Bhubaneswar, but December and January face cold winds.