Department of Computer Science

A combined advanced study of such concepts and software training tools equips students to adapt to the ever-evolving domain of technology. The program primarily intends to serve as a foundation for higher academic programs in computer science and to build a firm foundation in Mathematics, besides including modules on electronics and humanities.
B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science is specifically designed to prepare students for a career in computer science or information technology related areas. Students will be equipped to work in the ICT industry or pursue higher study. Graduates of this programme will have technical knowledge, skills in the design and development of systems based on computer. The students will explore their skills and confidence to meet the challenges in the rapidly changing information technology world.
After successful completion of BSC(Hons) Computer Science program, students will be selected at any of the position like System integrator, Logic Designer, Systems Analyst , System Administrator, Computer programmer etc. They may also pursue further studies in MSc or MCA.
B.Sc.(Hons) Computer Science

03 Years full time

2019-20 Entry

60 Seats

10+2 (Sci) with 50% marks aggregates. Math must be a subject in 10+2 Level


Tuition fee per semester**

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Tracing Roots
Over the years, a paradigm shift has been observed in the landscape of science education. This is attributed to the enormous amount of new challenges encountered by scientists, which are but not limited to new discoveries, employability, cutting edge research, and ever increasing demands of this modern society. As a result, on the one hand cross-, inter-, and multi- disciplinary science programs have emerged, leading to a convergence of ideas, knowledge, and expertise, to counter these prevailing challenges, on the other hand a more pedagogical, holistic, and pragmatic approach has been felt, necessitated, and implemented in today’s science education at universities. Therefore, a strong foundation in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science is absolutely necessary at under-graduate level to thrive in this highly competitive and complicated environment.

Is this the right career for me?
The IT sector is blooming in India and so are the opportunities in Computer Hardware and Software companies. This course is for all those who want to enter this field as System analysts, integrators or even as consultants. It is best suited for people who have interest in Computer Science and programming. This course equips the students with technicalities of computer systems and its applications.

What are we looking for in you?
You should have a strong inclination towards logical thinking and an interest in programming. The nature of the course will test your memorizing skills. You should have an innovative and creative bent towards programming and creating solutions in the technical field of Computers. Additionally, good communication and interpersonal skills will make you the perfect candidate for this course.

Orientation and Pedagogy
This 3 years programme is spread across 6 semesters and follows Innovative teaching learning activities like- Modular Based Teaching, Video based teaching, e-learning, Webinars, Quiz Competition are used for teaching and learning activity. Regular mentor-mentee sessions are conducted to track the progress of the students. Additionally, Counselling is provided to them to overcome their academic/personal issues. Remedial classes are conducted to uplift the progress of the students. Regular Sessional and assignments to evaluate the progress of the students. Regular practice of Seminars improves the soft skills of the students. Regular practice of Meditation to handle the stress (exam/ home sickness) the students. E-notice facility for the students to communicate all the notices/orders to them. Regular feedback from Teachers/students based on the teaching strategies, evaluation strategies.

Semester I
  1. Programming Fundamentals using C/C++
  2. Computer System Architecture
  3. Environmental Science
  4. Generic Elective Paper-1
  5. Programming Fundamentals using C/C++ Lab
  6. Generic Elective Paper-1 Lab
Semester II
  1. Programming in JAVA
  2. Discrete Structures
  3. English Communications
  4. Generic Elective Paper-2
  5. Programming in JAVA Lab
  6. Generic Elective Paper-2- Lab
Semester III
  1. Data Structures
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Computer Networks
  4. Skill Enhancement Course-1
  5. Generic Elective Paper-3
  6. Data Structures Lab
  7. Operating Systems Lab
  8. Computer Networks Lab
  9. Skill Enhancement Course-1- Lab
Semester IV
  1. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Database Management Systems
  4. Skill Enhancement Course-2
  5. Generic Elective Paper-4
  6. Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab
  7. Software Engineering Lab
  8. Database Management Systems Lab
  9. Skill Enhancement Course-1 Lab
Semester V
  1. Internet Technologies
  2. Theory of Computation
  3. Discipline Specific Elective-1
  4. Discipline Specific Elective-2
  5. Internet Technologies Lab
  6. Discipline Specific Elective-1 Lab
  7. Discipline Specific Elective-2 Lab
Semester VI
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Computer Graphics
  3. Discipline Specific Elective-3
  4. Discipline Specific Elective-4
  5. Artificial Intelligence Lab
  6. Computer Graphics Lab
  7. Discipline Specific Elective-3 Lab

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