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Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA)

The Directorate of Student Affairs is the office responsible for the administration of student affairs at the University. It takes care of the students’ grievances, redresses them through the suitable mechanism established by the University 

In addition to this, the Directorate provides a complete support system to the students and looks after:

  • Mentoring and Counselling
  • Prevention of Ragging
  • Prevention of Harassment
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse
  • International Students Cell
  • Students Clubs
  • Residential Facilities
  • Students ease and access to Sports Complex and related matters.

It is headed by Captain(IN) Chandra Sekhar Panda who is the Director of Student Affairs & Chief Warden, Sri Sri University. He has served the Indian Navy for over three decades and comes with a rich administrative experience. He is assisted by members of staff who look after the day-to-day requirements of the students and interact with them on a regular basis.

Guidelines for Campus Discipline- Under Directorate of Student Affairs

(i) Wearing the identity card issued by the University inside the campus is compulsory.

(ii)  Follow the rules, regulations, and notices issued by the university authorities. Misbehaving with faculty, staff, students or visitors will attract disciplinary action.

(iii) Refrain from using disrespectful, abusive, and foul language in the classrooms, corridors, cafeteria, library, laboratories, university campus, and hostels.

(iv) Willful damage to university property: classrooms, laboratories, hostel rooms, corridors, toilets, common rooms, or university walls will attract strict disciplinary action.

(v) Stealing, gambling, taking or giving unauthorized loans, collecting money are illegal activities and punishable by law.

(vi) Sri Sri University has zero-tolerance for smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, and chewing pan masala/gutka inside the campus premises. These activities are strictly prohibited and will invite strict disciplinary action, including heavy fines.

(vii) Refrain from littering or spitting in and around the campus.

(viii) Refrain from trespassing, jumping over the boundary wall, damaging fences and barricades.

(ix) Observe driving and parking rules as issued by the Government inside the campus.

(x)  Wearing of helmet by both rider and pillion while driving two-wheelers inside the campus is mandatory.

(xi) Students are not allowed to conduct unauthorized meetings, strikes, agitations, picketing, acts of gherao, or vandalism whether on or off-campus.

(xii) Keeping and carrying unauthorized weapons, explosives, firearms that can cause harm to life and property are strictly prohibited. Bursting crackers inside the campus are prohibited.

(xiii) Do not furnish false or misleading information to a member of the faculty, staff, student, or law enforcement official acting in an official capacity.

(xiv) Comply with orders or directives of SSU officials, Institute hearing bodies, Institute Security Personnel, or any other law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties.

(xv) Unauthorized use of private or institute facilities including, but not limited to telephone, internet, computing equipment, and accessories and any mode of communication.

(xvi) Possession, duplication, or use of keys to any SSU premises without authorization; entry or use of Institute premises without permission.

(xvii) Unauthorized use, abuse, or interference with fire protection equipment or other safety equipment which could result in death, injury, or substantial property damage.

(xviii) Conducts that endanger the health or safety of members of the SSU community or other persons.

(xix) Discriminations against any member of the SSU community, or a visitor, through biased or prejudicial behaviors related to the person’s race, color, nationality, sex, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

(xx) Ensure that the landscaping and greenery are not damaged. Do not pluck flowers on the campus.

(xxi) Do not go out in large groups that are difficult to control. If you get involved in unpleasant situations, you are not the only one to be affected. You end up creating a bad impression of the university.

(xxii) Non-Vegetarian food is strictly prohibited on the campus.