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Dr. (Ar) Soma Anil Mishra

Dr. (Ar) Soma Anil Mishra



  • Ph.D. (Architecture): RGPV
  • M.Arch. (Gold Medallist): IPS Academy
  • B.Arch. MITS Gwalior

Dr (Ar) Soma Anil Mishra says

I have always been an avid learner, where being curious and being part of our society as an active contributor is one of my drives.  When I saw the holistic approach to life promoted her in SSU, the faculties and the good experiences of the education imparted itself, I made the decision to join the team.


Previous Organisation

Principal: S.D.P.S Women’s College.


I have been the recipient of several distinctions and also a gold medalist for my M.Arch. The accomplishment I have been particularly proud of has been completing my research which involved my PhD work too, and being part of imparting knowledge and thoughtful solutions on an Urban Level to my city of residence, Indore.