Dr. S.K. Gakhar’s Message

Dr. S.K.Gakhar

Dr. S.K. Gakhar

From The Desk of Vice Chancellor

I welcome all the students who chose to be a part of this premier University. I am sure you will feel proud on being associated with us and make us equally proud with your academic excellence. Here, we do not merely teach; we ensure that our students learn and think because it is thinking that helps us to arrive at the solutions of life. Thus, students Learn so as to Lead, and Lead so as to Serve. You ‘grow’ not only as an individual but also as a part of society itself. We will continue to ensure that your years at this University will be filled with excitement and experiences that you can treasure for lifetime. You will grow into a responsible human being whom the world can trust.

This trust would be an outcome of the unique approach to the experiential teaching-learning process of Sri Sri University (SSU) where academics blend with spirituality just as it did in Ancient India. This blend of academics and spirituality is well-suited to our times because a modern and well-researched curricula, rigorous academic pursuit by highly qualified and experienced teachers, the best of industry exposure, innovative pedagogical practices, state-of-art infrastructure and spirituality through meditation and yoga makes the SSUian a ‘complete’ human being, readying him/her not to take on the world but to make the world much more livable by spreading love and happiness through an ethical approach to everything. We are committed to usher the new as well as to preserve the old. Aiming at becoming a part of the global knowledge society, Sri Sri Eighth year with its mandate of providing world class quality education. It has made considerable growth in a relatively short period of time in terms of expansion of its physical infrastructure and academic programmes. The university with a Wi-fi enabled campus, is offering graduate and postgraduate degree programmes in eight faculties  – Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Faculty of Health and Wellness, Faculty of Indic Studies, Faculty of Language, Faculty of Media Studies and Faculty of Science. And at the Doctoral level, the Ph.D. programmes are being offered in the subjects of Management, Good Governance, Sanskrit and Yoga. As part of our continuous academic expansion plans, we are starting two new undergraduate and one post-graduate programmes from the academic year 2019-20..

I feel proud to be at the helm of such an abode of learning and welcome all to participate with us in developing a better planet.

Come and be a part of Sri Sri University’s all-inclusive growth.

Dr. S.K. Gakhar