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Dr. Sanjeeta Biswas


Ph.D (Doctorate in Agricultural Statistics) in 2020
M.Sc. (Agricultural Statistics) in 2016
B.Sc. (Agriculture) in 2014

What subject you teach at SSU ?

1.Elementary Mathematics
2.Elementary statistics and Computer Application
3. Agri-Informatics
4.Statistical Methods in Business
5.Information and Communication Technology


Data Analysis, GIS and Data Mining using different software, Time Series analysis, Design of Experiments, Regression Analysis

Journals (If any)

Total 9 paper published : 3 in Scopus and 6 in NAAS Journal:
Important Journals Listed Below:

1. H. L. Sharma and Sanjeeta Biswas (2016) :Ternary , Quaternary Group Divisible Designs And B- arrays With Their Applications To Intercropping Experiment. (International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences)

2.Sanjeeta Biswas and H.L. Sharma (2016): Recursive Construction of a Series of Balanced Ternary Designs and their Applications in Agriculture.(International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences)

3. Sanjeeta Biswas and H.L. Sharma (2019): Two Associates Classes of Semi-Regular Ternary Group Divisible and Partially Balanced Ternary Rectangular Designs with their Applications in Agriculture. (International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews)

4. Sanjeeta Biswas and Banjul Bhattacharyya (2019): A Time Series Modelling and Forecasting of Irrigated Area under Major Crops in India using ARIMA Models. (International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences)