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Dr Surjeet Kaushik

Dr Surjeet Kaushik

Assistant Professor


PhD (Mathematics),IIT Hydearabad. M.Sc (Mathematics),IIT Guwahati, CSIR-JRF.

What subject you teach at SSU ?



Number Theory, Modular Forms, Algebra


1. On the gaps between non-zero Fourier coecients of eigenforms with CM. International Journal of Number Theory 14 (2018), no. 1, 95-101. (Joint with Dr. Narasimha Kumar).

2. Equidistribution of signs for Hilbert modular forms of half-integral weight. Res. Number Theory 4 (2018), no. 2, 4:13. (Joint with Dr. Narasimha Kumar and Dr. Naomi Tanabe).

3. Simultaneous behaviour of the Fourier coecients of two Hilbert modular cusp forms. Two appear in Archiv Der Mathematik. (Joint with Dr. Narasimha Kumar).