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Executive MBA Cyber
Security Management

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Executive MBA in Cyber Security Management


  • Cyber Security is the application of guarding the data processor, hosts, digital phone, voltaic techniques, grids, and statistics from the malevolent blitz. It is further investigated as a document automation shield or thermionic data protection.
  • Executive MBA in Cybersecurity would open up your chances for multifaceted roles in global corporate houses or budding startup ecosystems, where the business scape is continuously shifting towards digital platforms.
  • The program is open to individuals with more than one year of managerial experience. This prerequisite allows programs to assume that those enrolled are familiar with foundational business knowledge in a range of disciplines. This means that executive MBAs often require less course work as well as cover more advanced topics. One other key difference is that executive MBAs often do not offer specializations. For those looking for an MBA in cybersecurity, this can be considered as a “deal-breaker.”

Course Features


  • Contemporary knowledge and understanding of management theory with technology in mind.
  • Theoretical and applied perspectives.
  • The ability to apply knowledge and skills in Cyber Security.
  • An understanding of the fundamentals of information systems, including digital business models, IS architecture, and nascent technologies.
  • An understanding of the principles of Cyber Security, including cybercrime theory, basic security, and Cyber Security auditing and assessment.
  • This program has a higher return on investment as we offer access to our support tools and services with lower fees than in-person programs. One can avail of the program from the comfort of one’s own room. The program offers asynchronous courses that can be ‘attended’ at any point.
  • Students would be provided with in-house incubation support which is approved by the Govt. in order to aid their entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Exclusive cultural & literary clubs providing versatile exposure to students. 

What you will learn:-

  • You will learn how to analyze policy, trends, and intelligence to better anticipate and identify current and emerging cyber threats. 
  • You will also learn how to evaluate practices and procedures to prevent or minimize attacks.
  • You will better understand the importance of risk management both from the Cybersecurity perspective as well as from the management perspective.

Career Avenues


Managers generally lack formal education in the fundamentals of technological Cyber Security, and many Cyber Security graduates will find themselves out of their depth when faced with managerial tasks. The Online Executive MBA in Cyber Security bridges that gap and fulfills the need for managers and Cyber Security professionals to have a grasp of both technological and managerial aspects of their roles.


This Online Executive MBA in Cyber Security is for mid-level managers who want to step up and stand out. If you can’t stop learning and want to stay at the top of your game, this course will help you :

  • 45% of students who successfully complete an EMBA receive a pay rise.
  • Opportunity to move into a higher-level post within your current employment or professional area.
  • Set up your own business and venture into self-employment.


Other than these, you can also opt for a career in the following :

  • General management of information technology and cybersecurity teams.
  • Auditing and Analysis Roles.
  • Senior cybersecurity policy advisor roles.


Some of the top companies that recruit professionals with cybersecurity degree are :

  • Nestle
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • ESPN
  • GE Capital
  • American Express



1 year experience with graduation and passed through selection process (GD/PI)





INR 2,00,000






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