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Mr. Gumpul Rana

Mr. Gumpul Rana

Assistant Professor


  • UGC NET/ JRF MPhil, Utkal University

What subject you teach at SSU ?

  • Social Psychology
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Applied Social Psychology


  • Research
  • Odisha
  • Indian Psychology
  • Indian Society Counselling Psychology


Rana, G., & Patnaik, B. (2020). Relationship between sexual orientation and suicide risk among adolescents: Review of the evidence. Int J Appl Res, 6(8), 200-206. Rana, G., & Anmol. (2020). The role of gender and socio-economic status on the self-concept of adolescents. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 8(3), 451-457. DIP:18.01.055/20200803, DOI:10.25215/0803.055