Hostel Facilities

Hostel facilities at Sri Sri University

Sri Sri University provides accommodation to outstation students on a first-come- first-served basis. The campus already has provisions to accommodate more than a thousand students and over the next few years, we have planned to increase the number up to almost five thousand students.

The boys are housed in Amber, HB4 (Hostel Block 4), Kailash B and C wings while the girls are housed in Kadambari, Aravalli and Kailash A wing. The rooms are spacious enough to be occupied by 2 and 3 students. Both AC and non-AC rooms are available.

The uniqueness of each hostel lies in its design and structure. All the hostels have been designed in such a manner that they get plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air. Also, all the hostels have gymnasiums and recreation rooms to allow the students recreational opportunities. Each hostel has its dedicated parking space for students. There is round the clock drinking water facility and power backup for all the hostels.

The Department of Campus Safety provides information pertaining to emergency preparedness and a wide range of safety and security issues. Our approach is to work collaboratively with all segments of the community to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and create a safe environment in which to obtain a quality education.

There is 24×7 security inside the campus in general and within the hostels in particular. Each Hostel Block is under the supervision of a Warden. Any student venturing out of the campus overnight has to mandatorily take prior permission from the Hostel Warden and inform prior in case of Late Night Entry. The entire campus is under 24X7​ CCTV surveillance. Disciplinary action is taken against all students who flout the rules and regulations of the university and periodic ‘Breath Analysis Tests’ are done randomly to ensure that no student involves in alcoholism. Surprise raids are also conducted to ensure that students are not in possession of contraband items.

The Boys’ Hostel Wardens are:
1) Mr. Kaushal Bosrisagar, Warden (Amber)
2) Mr. Ravinder Singh, Warden (HB4)
3) Mr. Satyajeet Arya, Warden (HB4)
4) Mr. Kalpesh Zala, Warden (Kailash A, B and C)

The Girls’ Hostel Wardens are:
1) Ms. Neeru Sharma, Warden (Kadambari)
2) Ms. Bhavna Gondaliya, Warden (Kadambari)
3) Ms. Sandhya Sadna, Warden (Aravalli)
4) Ms. Chandni Karanwal, Warden (Aravalli)

In conclusion, we at SSU ensure that the parents’ trust reposed on us is honoured by providing them all those things that are at our disposal to allow the mental and physical well-being of each student.