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Laboratory and Workshop Rules and Regulations

  • Students are to report for the required laboratory and workshop sessions on time.
  • Students are required to wear laboratory/workshop uniforms as prescribed by the department concerned. Care should be taken by the students to wear heavy duty shoes to prevent accidents in the workshop (if applicable).
  • All Laboratory equipment/workshop machinery/appliances/chemicals need to be handled with care
  • Students must intimate the Faculty/Laboratory Assistant/Workshop Assistant of any breakage or malfunctioning of equipment immediately.
  • In case of any damage caused to equipment/machinery/appliances, the price of the same will be recovered by the University from the student concerned.
  • Students should adhere to the instructions given by the faculty/laboratory technician/ workshop technician during the laboratory session/class.
  • Students are required to report to the laboratory/workshop sessions with their record notebooks and must proceed to work silently on their experiments, either individually or in designated groups. Any unruly behaviour, such as, unnecessary talking in the laboratory/workshop is strictly prohibited.
  • All materials used in the laboratory/workshop are the property of the university and should not be taken out of the laboratory/workshop except under the guidance of a faculty member in charge and with the permission of the Head of the Department.
  • Students absenting themselves from any laboratory/workshop session cannot claim to be permitted to re-do the experiments as a matter of right. The discretion/decision of the Head of the Department will be final in this regard.

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