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MBA: Preparation for life!

With Globalization bringing forth a sea change in the manner business and trade were managed during the early 90s, the need for leaders who could take well-calculated risks and provide competitive advantages to the organizations they worked for was but inevitable.

Specialised courses befitting the respective industries paved their way as recognised and respected disciplines. Business management further bifurcated into retail management, insurance management, international business management, et al have been able to upraise well-qualified visionaries.

The fact that business management does not require a specific discipline as a precursor to pursue it not only makes it a viable career option but a competitive one as well. The flexibility in qualifying for a Master’s in Business Management despite the prior field of expertise makes for an excellent shift in career. Thus, when one decides to prepare and compete to qualify for such a course, the competition does not restrict to an age group or graduates of a certain batch, it is much more expansive and thus, more competitive.

Master’s in Business Administration equips one to manage finance or human resources or marketing of an entity. However, it does not restrict a pupil to pursue his/her career in the domain initially chosen – when one moves up the ladder of hierarchy in any organization, one is expected to be able to address diverse issues.

Unlike other professionals, a master’s degree in Business Administration trains an individual holistically. Subjects that teach pupils about the well being of mind are an integral part of the degree.  At the end of the course, not only does one learn to manage resources and business situations but also be empathic while making decisions.

Pursuing this course helps one develop personality and enables them to manage undue pressure. The two-year course assigns tasks that are deadline-driven and require out of the box thinking. Working in groups enables one to understand the dynamics of working with a team. Further on, the degree arms one with soft skills such as interpersonal relations, thinking and arriving at a decision under pressure and handle tough situations with panache.

The world has witnessed brilliant entrepreneurs in the recent times who hold degrees in business administration and have taken risks and come up with ideas that have led to disruption and introduced the world to a gamut of technology and innovation.

Pursuing an MBA makes a person equipped to take up roles that are up in the hierarchy and therefore require leadership and accountability.

Most businesses, Government entities require resources who hold a degree in management. The work and roles do not remain restricted to just corporate jobs, the course trains one to take up responsibilities in areas such as Panchayat Jurisdiction, Forest Department, NGOs to name a few.
Thus, having a master’s degree in Business Management, makes one achieve the following:

  1.     A sense of accomplishment to have competed with graduates from varied disciplines and been then selected for the course
  2.    A broad choice set to choose a certain specialisation from (in some cases, dual specialisations too)- thus, not restricting   oneself to a specialisation that seems futile
  3.     Developing an overall personality and strong characteristic traits
  4.     Raises new-age entrepreneurs
  5.     Opportunities to switch and learn across various industries

Having an MBA, as niche as it may sound, makes one responsible and accountable for one’s decisions. At the end of the day, you are not only managing mere assets but people too!