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MBA Specialization

How will You choose an MBA specialization? The truth that No-one Talks About

Management studies is a very big field to swim in. And only the people who know to stand out from the crowd catches the bigger fish in the pond.

So, in a world of ifs and buts-how do you secure your chances in MBA?

Well, that obviously comes with choosing the specialization. While Management studies give you a multitude of alternatives to choose from, sometimes it can be mind-boggling to decide upon.

While you are toiling hard in the first two semesters of your MBA program, you know that you have to pick up one from the lot and stick to it. Especially with summer internships and placement season running once you enter the second year of your post-graduation.

So, let us ease your worry and help you pick up the ‘one’ that’s right for you:

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

It’s very important to know and analyze what are the things that you are naturally good at. See MBA is a long-term deal, much of your entire life career is going to get decided upon that.

Don’t choose a specialization because your friend, your neighbor, or your parents think that, it’s meant for you.

It’s you who has to understand that what are the things you are very good at because, in the end, it’s your interest that’s going to ace your MBA journey as well as the career after that.

Nowadays competition is cut-throat, and whether you like it or not the truth is bitter, and yes not everyone lands their dream job.

So, if you want to be the one who stands out to be the genius in a particular field. Then, choose according to your interest.


Know your long-term goals

There are students, who come to pursue an MBA just out of frenzy. But, that’s definitely not the way to do it.

You have to contemplate what are your long-term plans and then suit your specialization accordingly.

You have to scrutinize comparatively between the demand of core subject specializations like HR, Marketing, Finance, etc, and the upcoming specializations of agribusiness or business analytics.

And look, where do you wish to see yourself after 5 years with that particular specialization in hand, and then choose it.

Strike a balance between hefty packages and interest

See, it’s quite usual to get tempted with the number of zeroes in a salary package and you should as a matter of fact know which specialization would more likely land you in the higher salary brackets.

But don’t jump to conclusions merely because a specialization had more good looking packages than others.

Because it all narrows down to you not only cracking the interview but also retaining the position and growing yourself as an employee or a leader.

So, don’t go blindfolded on salary numbers, seek into your interest as well look into how prospective it can turn for you.

And then select your specialization.

Take a sneak peek at the alumni network

Networking is the single most important aspect of your post-graduation studies. Your alumni-network not only gives you the reach but is quintessential for introspection.

Dive deep into their performance, achievements, and which specialization they chose from. 

Use your alumni network to seek insights about which faculties are the best for a particular field, which specialization course is industry-relevant and serves your purpose.

You can also seek information like the course curriculum covered under the various offerings. In this way, you would get an overall idea of which specialization to choose.

Last, but not least all these factors derive a weightage while you go for selecting your specialization in the 3rd semester of your MBA journey.

And the best way to determine that is by chalking out these factors, with a weightage that you feel is important to you, and then narrow down to ‘one’ course that fulfills all these points.

In the end, we hope we could be your guide and could ease your tension while you chalk down your specialization.

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