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MBA 2019-2021 student Saptasindhu Panda gets his research paper published at the 5th World Conference on Smart Trends in System, Security & Sustainability

BY            Ms. Anita Singh
               Sri Sri University Clubs


Saptasindhu Panda co-authored the paper along with fellow students Kajal Panda, Sharmistha Pradhan, Sanjib Kumar Mahanta & Sri Sri Unviersity Asst. Prof. Dr. Sunil Dhal from the Faculty of Management Sciences.

Saptasindhu Panda from the MBA 2019-2020 batch said that he was glad that after close to 90 days of hard work he, along with this team were able to introduce their paper at the 5th WorldConference on Smart Trends in System, Security, and Sustainability by WorldS4 at UK London. 

He said that he was extremely happy to work along with his co-authors Kajal Panda, Sharmistha Pradhan, Sanjib Kumar Mahanta, Dr. Sunil Dhal

He mentioned that he was especially grateful towards Dr. Sunil Dhal for being there for him throughout this journey and being his aide and guide in this project. He mentioned that Dr. Sunil had been an excellent mentor and one of the most inspiring people he has ever seen. He shared that the final publication and selection of the paper was possible only because of him. He thanked Dr. Sunil Dhal for his selfless efforts to make this a successful endeavor.