New Courses

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Horticulture/ B.Sc (HONS.) HORTICULTURE

An undergraduate program of 4-years duration. This program will help the students to build a career in the Agriculture/Plantation management/Research and Development sector. Students who have an interest in plant cultivation, research in the field of plant genetics and outdoor work may pursue this program. It is a program that will help one land in jobs of Government as well as Private sector. Especially with the help of PG courses like M.Sc. and PhD, one really has a good chance to build a rewarding career in the R & D sector.

Fact File: 60 seats, 4 years Fee: Rs. 50,000/- (per semester)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) / B.Com (HONS.)

An undergraduate program of 3-years duration. This program aims to prepare the students to select their professional career from various current avenues. It prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the business world. This program focuses on preparing the individual for the modern financial and accounting field. Some of the career options include business management, business development, accounting, marketing and advertising, banking, management consulting, economic analysis, financial planning, foreign affairs, fund management, international business and trade analysis, government administration, policy formulation, portfolio management in the private and public sectors.

Fact File: 60 seats, 3 years Fee: Rs. 37,500/- (per semester)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English / B.A (HONS.) ENGLISH

An undergraduate program of 3-years duration. This program deals with the study of literature in English across the world. It extensively teaches theories and writings. It not only deals with literature but also has papers in language so that students have wider options after graduation.

Fact File: 60 seats, 3 years Fee: Rs. 25,000/- (per semester)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation / BFA (Animation)

An undergraduate animation and multimedia course, this intensive 4-year, 8-semester course is designed to enable participants to achieve their career goals in the Animation and VFX industry. Students will be given training in both traditional and Computer 3D animation and film-making. This programme is designed to give participants comprehensive training for a decisive head start in the industry and also provide them scope for further specialization in the concerned field.

Fact File: 40 seats, 4 years Fee: Rs. 60,000/- (per semester)

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science / B.Sc. (PMCSc)

An undergraduate program of 3-years duration. This program will provide students with exposure to the critical domains of the Science i.e. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. The curriculum emphasizes the application-oriented approach and development of problem-solving skills in students. The Lab courses in this program provide students hands-on exposure to electronic components, instrumentation techniques, and computer applications.

Fact File: 60 seats, 3 years Fee: Rs. 30,000/- (per semester)