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    What is Osteopathy

    • It is a patient-centered, rather than a disease-centered form of health care 
    • It considers the patient as a whole, in its physical, mental, and spiritual aspects
    • It aims to find and treat the cause of the person’s complaint instead of treating the symptoms alone
    • Provides broad applicability in the treatment of disease and the maintenance of health. Most conditions and diseases can be highly improved by osteopathic treatment
    • It is highly effective while having no side effects

    What Doctors Say

    Dr. Gayatri A. Asawale
    Dr. Gayatri A. Asawale BPTh,M.SC. Osteopathy

    "My enter outlook of my practice as a physical service change once I came in Osteopathy. It gave me an understanding of the interconnectedness of the body's system that allowed me to diagnose and treat my patients in a truly holistic approach. It was life-changing experience to be exposed to so many international osteopaths that gave us their best knowledge so generously in a very personalized way. Coming to Sri Sri University has a very has been a personal and professional transforming journey for which I am very grateful."

    Dr. Ankita Dhelia MBBS,MSc Osteopathy

    "The osteopathy course at Sri SriUniversity has been very a very enriching experience for me. It changed my whole outlook and perspective of looking at a patient and a disease. It has enhanced my skills as a doctor manifold .I'm walking out of here with a knowledge from so many incredible osteopaths from all over the world ,with the skill set that gives me great confidence and super approach to tackle almost any possible illness or health issue in a very efficient manner."

    Dr. Richa Datta Srivastava MBBS, M.Sc. Osteopathy

    "Sri Sri University has given the best platform to acquire knowledge of this beautiful science called osteopathy where we learn excel as a group with support from highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty from different countries. I was so amazed when just with touch of my hand I could use the cranial bonds moving inside leading to different expressions all over the body and setting an environment where many dysfunctions got corrected by themselves. I feel the science can bring a big evolution in the medical field in India where we have been dependent so much medicines and surgery!"