Dr. Jyotirmayee Acharya

Associate Professor
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies


Ph.D. (Socio-spatial Entrepreneurship) Norwegian University of Science and Technology
M Phil, Development Geography, Utkal University
M. Sc. (Regional and Rural Development Planning) AIT Bangkok

Career Highlights

Best paper presented:
1. 12th Indian Agricultural Scientists and Farmer’s Congress at BIOVED Agricultural Institute Allahabad held on 20-21 February 2010. Presented paper for five hundred agricultural scientists and farmers leaders from India on “Irrigation management and inclusive growth: AKRSP(India)‟s intervention in Tribal Gujarat”.

2. International Conference on “Economics and Business”, Bhubaneswar, India, held in Collaboration with National Taipei University, Ataturk University, Turkey and Czech University on 30 September-1 October 2010

3. Ph.D. on Entrepreneurship in the Unorganized Sector of Economy from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, M Phil from Utkal University and M.Sc. from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok.

4. Recipient of NORAD scholarships for pursuing PhD at NTNU and MSc at AIT Bangkok; recipient of ICSSR visiting fellowship, ICSSR research project, worked for KISS-UNFPA, Ford Foundation, EU research projects and interns of Full Bright scholarship, i Volunteers etc.

5. Worked at KSRM, KIIT University and NISWASS Bhubaneswar, AKRSP(India) and NMSWDF Gujarat.

6. With 25 years of teaching and research interest concern participatory rural planning, sustainable agribusiness, rural finance, social innovations & entrepreneurship, CSR and sustainable development, gender equitable growth, philosophy and methodology of social and qualitative research.

7. More than 50 papers in national and international journals and books, and a member of several association and editorial teams.


Post-structuralist and post-colonial analysis of gender and spatial relationship in cottage industries, Agribusiness, NRM and social entrepreneurship; labour intensive equitable growth; livelihood innovations; participatory project planning and qualitative research methodologies.