Dr. Susanta Das

Assistant Professor & HoD
Dept. of Physics & Mathematics


– Ph.D. Physics, Western Michigan University, USA.
– M.A. Physics, Western Michigan University, USA.
– M.Sc. Physics, Banaras Hindu University, India.
– B.Sc. Physics (Hons.), The University of Burdwan, India.


1. Study of Interactions of Slow Highly Charged Bismuth Ions with ZnO Nanorods, S. Das, H. Ohashi, and N. Nakamura, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals 69 (5), 1087 (2016).
2. Spatial resolution test of a beam profile monitoring system for the double electrostatic ion storage ring, S. Das and A. Källberg, Acta Physica Polonica A 125, No. 1, 13 (2014).
3. Temporal evolution of electron transmission through insulating PET nanocapillaries, B.S. Dassanayake, D. Keerthisinghe, S. Wickramarachchi, A. Ayyad, S. Das, N. Stolterfoht, and J.A. Tanis, Nuclear Instruments and Methods Physics Research Section B 298, 1 (2013).
4. DESIREE: a unique cryogenic electrostatic storage ring for merged ion-beams studies, R.D. Thomas, H.T. Schmidt, G. Andler, M. Björkhage, M. Blom, L. Brännholm, E. Bäckström, H. Danared, S. Das, N. Haag, P. Halldén, F. Hellberg, A.I.S. Holm, H.A.B. Johansson, A. Källberg, G. Källersjö, M. Larsson, S. Leontein, L. Liljeby, P. Löfgren, B. Malm, S. Mannervik, D. Misra, A. Orbán, A. Paál, P. Reinhed, K.-G.Rensfelt, S. Rosén, F. Seitz, K. Schmidt, A. Simonsson, J. Weimer, H. Zettergren, and H. Cederquist, Review of Scientific Instruments 82, 065112 (2011).
5. Time evolution of electron transmission through a single glass macrocapillary: charge build-up, sudden discharge, and recovery, B.S. Dassanayake, R.J. Bereczky, S. Das, K. Tokesi, and J.A. Tanis, Physical Review A 83, 012707 (2011).
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11. Interferences in Electron Emission from O2 by 30 MeV O5,8+ Impact, M. Winkworth, P. D. Fainstein, M. E. Galassi, J. Baran, B.S. Dassanayake, S. Das, A. Kayani, and J.A. Tanis, Nuclear Instruments and Methods Physics Research Section B 267, 373 (2009).
12. Suppression of Primary Electron Interferences in the Ionization of N2 by 1-5 MeV/u Protons, J.L. Baran, S. Das, F. Járai-Szabo, K. Póra, L. Nagy, and J.A. Tanis, Physical Review A 78, 012710 (2008).
13. Inelastic guiding of electrons in polymer nanocapillaries, S. Das, B.S. Dassanayake, M. Winkwoth, J.L. Baran, N. Stolterfoht, and J.A. Tanis, Physical Review A76, 042716 (2007) [Also published in ORGANIC-INORGANIC HYBRID NANOSTRUCTURES section of the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, Vol. 16, Issue 20 (2007)]. 14. Application of laser-matter interaction for generation of small-sized materials, A. Khare, K. Alti, S. Das, A.S. Patra, and M. Sharma, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 70, 553 (2004).

Other Accomplishments

1. Science Academies’ Summer Research Fellowship – 2017, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, May-July, 2017.
2. UGC-Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya, Bihar, India, June 2014 – July 2018.
3. Post-doctoral Fellow, The University of Electro-Communications (UEC), Tokyo, Japan, May 2012 – May 2014.
4. Project-Scientist – B, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER)-Kolkata, W.B., India, August 2011 – April 2012.
5. Marie-Curie Post-doctoral Fellow, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2009 – July 2011.
6. Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellowship, WMU, 2008 – 2009.
7. Leo R. Parpart Doctoral Fellowship, Dept. of Physics, WMU, 2008.

Conference / Workshop / Training Attended:
1. Refresher Course on Quantum Mechanics, Indian Academy of Sciences, Periyar EVR College, Tiruchirappalli, November 27 – December 09, 2017.
2. Refresher Course on Experimental Physics – 77, Indian Academy of Sciences, K.L.University, Guntur, June 14 – 29, 2016.
3. National Conference on Recent Advances in Science and Engineering (RASE 2016), Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, India, March 28 – 29, 2016.
4. 84 th Orientation Programme, UGC-Human Resource Centre, Ranchi University, Ranchi, December 3 rd – 30 th , 2015.
5. 3 rd International Conference on Physics at Surfaces and Interfaces (PSI), Puri, India, Feb. 24 –28, 2014.
6. The Univ. of Electro-Communications and Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology
Symposium 9 th “Future nanomaterials science and coherent light”, UEC, Tokyo, Japan, December 15 th , 2012.
7. Joint Symposium on Collisions of Highly-Charged Ions with Molecules and Related Topic, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Shinagawa Campus, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, October 15 th, 2012.
8. International Workshop on Laser Science (IWLS), Univ. of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan, October 5 – 6, 2012.
9. NI LabVIEW Training, Belgium, May 2-6 & 9-11, and June 16-17, 2011.
10. 10th European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators (DIPAC) Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, May 16 – 18, 2011.
11. 3 rd DITANET School on Beam Diagnostics (Advanced level), Stockholm, Sweden, March 7– 11, 2011.
12. DITANET Complementary Skills School (Project Management, Copy Right, Intellectual Property Right, Patent), University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, March 15-19, 2010.
13. Fundamentals of Matlab, Stockholm, Sweden, December 13-15, 2010.
14. 52 nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics Conference, Chicago, USA, November 8 – 12, 2010.
15. CERN Accelerator School, Varna, Bulgaria, September 19 – October 1, 2010.
16. Marie-Curie Conference, Turin, Italy, July 1-2, 2010.
17. DITANET Workshop on ‘Low Current, Low Energy Beam Diagnostics’, Hirschberg- Groβsachsen, Germany, November 23-25, 2009.
18. American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting, Pittsburg, USA, March 16 – 20, 2009.
19. 17 th International Workshop on Inelastic Ion-Surface Collisions (IISC – 17), Porquerolles, France, September 21 – 26, 2008.
20. 4 th Conference on Elementary Processes in Atomic Systems (CEPAS), Cluj-Napoca, Romania, June 18 – 20, 2008.
21. Pan American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) Ultrafast and Ultrasmall; New Frontiers and AMO Physics, Buzios, Brasil, March 30 – April 11, 2008.
22. 20 th International Symposium of Ion-Atom Collisions (XX ISIAC), Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece, August 1 – 4, 2007.
23. XXV th International Conference on Photonic Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC), Freiburg, Germany, July 25 – 31, 2007.
24. International Conference on Laser Applications and Optical Metrology (ICLAOM-03), IIT-Delhi, India, December 1-4, 2003.
25. SERC School on Precision Spectroscopy of Atoms, molecules and Bose condensates, IISc-Bangalore, India, February 20 – March 12, 2003.
26. DAE-BRNS Symposium on Applications of Plasma, Laser and Electron Beams in Material Processing (PBAMP-2002), BARC, Mumbai, India, September 25 – 28, 2002.
27. DAE-BRNS Topical Meeting on PLD of Thin Films (PLD 2001), CAT, Indore, November 26 – 28, 2001.

Member of Professional Organizations:
1. The Indian Science Congress Association – Life Member
2. Indian Laser Association (ILA) – Life Member
3. Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) – Life Member


Nanotechnology, ion-surface interactions, beam diagnostics, physics education.