Santosh Kumar Panda

Faculty Associate
Courses Taught: Hindustani Vocal


PhD pursuing in Utkal University of Culture
MMus, MPhil (Hindustani Vocal), Utkal University of Culture
Visarad Poorna (ABGM Mandal Mumbai)

Subject Expertise

Gold medal in MMus (Hindustani Vocal) from Utkal University of Culture
Achieved National Sangeet Shree Award – 2010, Sangeet Jyoti Award – 2011


Propensity to implement music as a therapy for psychosomatic diseases.

Other Accomplishments

  1. Published a music academic book ‘Swarasruti’
  2. Was a Jury member in the selection committee of East Zone NIFTIAN held at ‘NIFT’ & International Dance & Music Festival, Cuttack
  3. Attended Indian Universities Festival, organized by Association of Indian University’s (AIU), New Delhi
  4. Participated in All India Radio music completion
  5. Attended Brindagan festival Organized by Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi
  6. Attended Bhubaneswar Music Circle in 2011
  7. Organized SAMA VEDA music and Dance Award ceremony
  8. Attended International Seminar organized by UTKAL UNIVERSITY