Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English

Course Details

Intellectually stimulating, it is ideally meant for students with a creative flair for language as it offers insight into the development of the English language as well as literature since its earliest phases till date, especially with regard to how the two have evolved in response to society, encompassing its different layers and diverse shades.

Course features

  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty,
  • Rich collection of English classics and modern writings in library,
  • Well-equipped language lab for Phonetics,
  • Regular Seminars, Workshops and Tutorials

Our curriculum addresses contemporary developments at both regional and international levels and orients students to a wide variety of literary traditions across time and space, enabling them to closely study how language, literary form, history, society and culture interact with one another in a complex environment. It also fosters in them, the ability to think critically and engage in appreciation of literature and its analysis on the basis of contemporary theories.


At the end of the Three-Year B. A. (Hons.) Programme in English at SSU, students will have a variety of career options which will give them an edge over their counterparts at pursuing similar courses at traditional universities in the country. These options include:

  • Teaching Positions in Leading Academic Institutions,
  • Editorial and Content Development Positions in Reputed Publication Houses,
  • Journalism – Print and Electronic,
  • Public Relations & Advertising in Corporate Houses and Public Sector Undertakings
  • Language Expert & Translation Services in Search Engines like Google & Yahoo
  • Marketing / Strategic Communication Positions in Corporate Houses,
  • Media Services & Event Management.