Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

Course Details

An undergraduate program of 3-years duration. This program aims to prepare the students to select their professional career from various current avenues. It prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the business world. This program focuses on preparing the individual for the modern financial and accounting field. Some of the career options include business management, business development, accounting, marketing and advertising, banking, management consulting, economic analysis, financial planning, foreign affairs, fund management, international business and trade analysis, government administration, policy formulation, portfolio management in the private and public sectors.

Course Structure

Semester I
Paper No.Paper/ Subject TitleCategoryCredit
BCC-101Business Organization & ManagementF4
BCC-102Financial AccountingF4
BCC-103Micro EconomicsF4
BCC-104Environmental ScienceF4
BCC-105Communicative EnglishF4
Semester II
Paper NoPaper/ Subject TitleCategoryCredit
BCC-201Business MathematicsCore4
BCC-202Computer & its ApplicationsF4
BCC-203Macro EconomicsF4
BCC-204Business CommunicationF4
BCC-205Commercial GeographyCore4
BCC-206Cost AccountingCore4
Semester III
Paper No.Paper/ Subject TitleCategoryCredit
BCC-301Business StatisticsCore4
BCC-302Income Tax – Law and PracticeCore4
BCC-303Management AccountingCore4
BCC-304Human Resource ManagementF4
BCC-305Business LawCore4
BCC-306Database Management SystemAE4
Semester IV
Paper No.Paper/ Subject TitleCategoryCredit
BCC-401Indirect TaxCore4
BCC-402Financial ManagementCore4
BCC-403Principles of MarketingE4
BCC-404Indian EconomyE4
BCC-405Accounting SoftwareE4
BCC-406International BusinessE4
Semester V
Paper No.Paper/ Subject TitleCategoryCredit
BCC-501Business Policy & Strategic ManagementE4
BCC-503Office  Management and AutomationE4
BCC-504Corporate FinanceCore4
BCE-501/ BCE-502/BCE-503/BCE-504/BCE-505(a) Financial Marketing , Institutions and Financial    Service.(b) Good Governance(c) Yoga and Naturopathy(d) Performing Arts(Music)(e) Journalism and Mass Communication(Any one paper can be chosen)E4
BCC-505Project Studies-IF4
BCC-506Advanced Financial Accounting4
BCC-507Corporate Accounting4
Semester IV
Paper No.Paper/ Subject TitleCategoryCredit
BCC-601Corporate Governance, Ethics and Social ResponsibilityE4
BCC-602Entrepreneurship DevelopmentE4
BCC-604Insurance and Risk ManagementCore4
BCE-601/BCE-602/BCE-603/BCE-604/BCE-605/(a) Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management.(b) Fine Arts(c) Performing Arts(Dance)(d) Consumer Relation and Behaviour(e) Corporate Restructuring and Valuation(Any one paper can be chosen)E4
BCC-605Project Studies-IIE4
BCC-606Corporate TaxationE4
BCC-607Financial Market,  Institutions and ServiceE4

Note: F- Foundation, E- Elective, AE- Ability Enhancement