BSc (Hons) Physics

Course Details

The objectives of this program are to cater and to meet the needs and aspirations of contemporary B.Sc. (Honours) Physics students. This programme is tailored to incorporate essential ingredients of the multifaceted education system of this rapidly changing world.

Salient Features of the Program

  1. A. Salient features:
  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) as per the University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines.
  • Advanced Experimental and Computational Labs.
  • Software-based Data Analysis for Physics Experiments.
  • State-of-the-art classrooms and Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • Holistic and pedagogical teaching-learning process.
  1. B. About Laboratory: The UG Physics Lab. of SSU is a unique one. The lab. is operated beyond the scheduled hours to make the “learning while doing” a holistic process. It is built to impart both pedagogical and technical training to contemporary UG Physics students and is, therefore, equipped with several sophisticated experimental set-ups (both PC and non-PC based), high-end data analysis software (Origin), and PCs. All PCs are connected with high-speed internet. Many of the experimental set-ups are imported from USA/Germany (Pasco/3B scientific) such as (a) Newton’s laws of motion (velocity, acceleration, momentum, conservation of energy/momentum), (b) Static and Kinetic friction, (c) Acceleration due to gravity, (d) Centripetal force, (e) Rollercoaster, (f) Projectile motion, and (g) Spring-mass system with various springs and masses. Several new experiments can be performed by combining them. All the necessary software to perform the experiments are installed in all PCs to provide ample space and time to students in the lab.

Students will have opportunities for summer internship/research during the programme and will be eligible for National Level M.Sc. Entrance Tests (IITs/IISERs/NITs/Central Universities etc.).