Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

Course Details

An undergraduate program of 3-years duration. This program will provide students with exposure to the critical domains of the Science i.e. Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. The curriculum emphasizes the application-oriented approach and development of problem-solving skills in students. The Lab courses in this program provide students hands-on exposure to electronic components, instrumentation techniques, and computer applications.

Course Structure

Paper CodeCOURSE NAMECredits
BSC-101Environmental Science2
BSC-103Mechanics Lab2
BSC-104Differential Calculus6
BSC-105Object Oriented Programming in  C++6
Paper CodeCOURSE NAMECredits
BSC-201English Communications2
BSC-202Electricity, Magnetism and EMT4
BSC-203Electricity, Magnetism and EMTLab2
BSC-204Differential Equations6
BSC-205Data Structures and File Processing6