Bachelor of Architecture

Course Details

  • The course is committed to developing the best eco-sensitive builders with the aim to train visionary, ethical and intuitive architects to address the social, economic and cultural challenges of the new millennium.
  • The focus is on sustainability in every aspect of the discipline. Our curriculum is designed to nurture Mother Earth and to build a green planet; reaching out globally while acting locally.
  • Mentored by a committed faculty, our students ‘dare to dream’ and work to turn the dreams into reality.  We believe that the world is one family – reflected through our anthem, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.  This, in itself is an invitation to be a part of the family.

Our Vision

Blending tradition with modernity, to lay a strong foundation for a meaningful curriculum that balances technically-sound and aesthetically-pleasing design principles, in-tune with environmental thought leaders of the modern and ancient world

Our Mission

To blend theory and practice, vernacular and modern, research and design into an innovative, practice-oriented curriculum aimed at a futuristic world that is sustainable and in harmony with nature. Further, to lay the mould for students to be ethical and ecologically-sensitive, professional, building-practitioners who combine intuitive and rational thinking to design for the “Real World.”

Key features of the Curriculum

  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in tune with the syllabi of international universities
  • Developing a holistic, far-sighted curriculum keeping sustainability as its focus
  • Studio assignments –your own dedicated design space
  • Opportunities are created to explore natural settings