Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce degree inculcates the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in business, broadly in the field of accounting, finance, human resources, statistics, marketing, economics, and information systems. The program offers an edge for students wishing to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy or finance.

Course Details

The Bachelor of Commerce at SSU equips graduates with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to understand and participate in the modern business world. The course also prepares students for subsequent Postgraduate studies and allows them to achieve the highest level of success in their professional careers. The Bachelor of Commerce provides a solid foundation in economics, quantitative methods and organizational behavior. The structure of the course requires students to study compulsory and elective subjects from the core program. These determine a student’s major field of study. It aims to provide students with the knowledge, tools of analysis and skills with which to understand and participate in the modern business and economics world, to prepare them for subsequent graduate studies and to achieve success in their professional careers. The Bachelor of Commerce focuses on the factors that drive economic behavior at both an individual and organizational level. The course will equip the student with the analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information and find efficient and practical solutions.

– It equips the students with knowledge and skills to pursue a career in business broadly in the fields of accounting, finance, insurance, banking, retailing, statistics, marketing, economic and information systems

– The program offers an edge for students wishing to pursue a career in CA, CS, Cost Accounting or finance

– Option to specialize in a range of subjects based on the interest of choice in taxation, accounting, computers, marketing, finance, HR

– Curriculum includes papers on entrepreneurship and small business management to encourage students to become entrepreneurs

Value added workshops are conducted to train students through unique techniques to develop holistic, out of the box thinking, learning and presentation.

  1. Language, Literature & Creativity
  2. Language-2
  3. Banking Principles
  4. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  5. Business Economics
  6. Building Mathematical Ability
  1. Cost Accounting
  2. Principles & Practice of Management
  3. Office Management & Automation
  4. Commercial Geography
  5. Business Communication
  6. IT Applications In Business (Excel , Ms Access)
  1. Language-1-2nd paper
  2. Fundamentals of Statistics
  3. Indian Heritage & Culture
  4. Business Organization & Management
  5. Computer Applications In Business
  6. Business Regulatory Framework
  1. New Auditing Trends
  2. Science & Civilization
  3. Elements of Actuarial Science
  4. Principles of Marketing
  5. Tally ( Accounting Packages)
  6. Management Accounting
    1. Environmental Studies
    2. E-Commerce
    3. Taxation
    4. Money & Financial System
    5. Spl-1-
      1. Accounting- Final Accounts-2
      2. Computers-Database Mgt. System & System Analysis
      3. Taxation – Direct & Indirect Taxes
    6. Spl-2-
      1. Accounting – Corporate Accounting
      2. Computers – Internet & World Wide Web
      3. Taxation – Tax Planning & Procedure
*Tentative, subject to change
  1. Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt.
  2. Mind Mapping And Management
  3. Mgt. Spl.-
    1. Marketing- Sales & Distribution Mgt.
    2. Hrm – Human Resource Management
    3. Finance: Financial Management
  4. Mgt. Spl.-
    1. Marketing- Retailing
    2. Hrm – Labour Laws
    3. Finance: Financial Markets & Services
  5. Mgt. Spl.-
    1. Marketing- Services Marketing
    2. Hrm – Industrial Relations
    3. Finance: Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgt.
  6. Field Work


    10+2 PASS


    Duration – 6 Semesters (3 Years)
    Seats – 60

    Per SemesterINR 27,500
    Hostel type (Default)4 sharing non AC, INR 35,000/- Per Sem

    Fee Details apart from Tuition and Hostel Charges:

    Admission fee: INR 5000/-
    Examination Fee: INR 5000/-

    Caution deposit
    Library deposit: INR 5000/-
    Hostel Security Deposit: INR 10,000/-

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    • Anisha Sinha (MBA 1st year - Batch of 2016) B.Tech (Computer Science), Manipal University (Hometown - Patna)

      I came in with over five years of experience in Software Networking Products and Data Analytics. I wanted to do something different and so I chose Sri Sri University. And it has offered me some of the most intriguing challenges, a lovely atmosphere to work in and great opportunities for all round development. I am overwhelmed by the amount of positivity this campus exudes. No wonder we call it the 'happiest campus'!

    • Anmol Narang (MBA 1st year - Batch of 2016) B.Tech (Mechanical), Thapar University, Patiala (Hometown - Delhi)

      At Sri Sri University I got to organize conclaves and fests, manage studies and extracurricular activities and take charge of my own career. I got the opportunity to represent Sri Sri University in the B-school fests of IIM Calcutta and KIIT, and won a few competitions. Despite being a new university, I found that we are not only able to compete with older universities, we were even better than them in certain areas.

    • Utkarsh Jain (MBA 1st year - Batch of 2016) B.Tech (Chemical), IIT Delhi (Hometown - Jaipur)

      The most prominent add-ons are the avenues of personal growth, which are unimaginable in any other campus I have known (including the IIT where I studied). I am working on my venture of green buildings and here I have all the support I could have asked for. There is a dedicated faculty, supportive culture among students and the Art of Living network which offers a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs.