Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Course Details

  • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management is an outcome-based degree which aims at creating job-ready professionals.
  • Regular industrial visits and tours for hands-on experience and up-gradation of skills are being conducted.
  • Various industry linkages in the tourism and travel department help in providing these students a taste of the profession they are about to step in.

Capstone Initiatives

  • Disciplined Approach – Where frequent communication is sent from the department to the respective parents regarding attendance report, internal marks, etc.
  • Qualitative Approach – The approach towards education is more interactive with field visits and workshops conducted by distinguished speakers. All the programs are based on outcome learning.

Course Features

  • Develops a global perspective towards business, thereby tapping the tremendous opportunity in different parts of the world. Besides acquiring managerial skills, it also imparts entrepreneurial skills.
  • Management studies aim at creating and disseminating knowledge and ensures continuous supply of knowledgeable, active and professionally committed managers
  • It also aims to develop effective and ethical leaders and entrepreneurs, who anticipate, analyze and manage contemporary as well as emerging business and social issues.
  • Commerce education gives a thorough understanding of the economy and business
  • The course focuses on the factors that drive economic behavior at both an individual and organizational level. It equips you with analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information and find efficient and practical solutions.
Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

04 Years full time

2019-20 Entry

40 Seats

10 + 2 or equivalent with minimum 50% in any stream.*


Tuition fee per semester**

Semester I
  1. Business organization and management
  2. Financial accounting
  3. Micro economics
  4. Environmental science
  5. Communicative english
  6. Banking
Semester II
  1. Business mathematics
  2. Computer and its application
  3. Macro economics
  4. Business communication
  5. Commercial geography
  6. Cost accounting

Semester III
  1. Tourism Products of India
  2. Transport Management
  3. Eco-Tourism
  4. Tourism Management Information System
  5. Airlines Ticketing
  6. Hotel & Resort Management
Semester IV
  1. Emerging Trends in Tourism
  2. Tourism Products of India
  3. Adventure Tourism
  4. International Tourism
  5. Foreign Language
  6. Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism

Semester V
  1. Adventure Tourism III (Land Based)
  2. Travel Documentation
  3. Field Trip – II
  4. Foreign Language- II
  5. Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism
  6. Human Resource Management
Semester VI
  1. Training Report
  2. Project Report

Semester VII
  1. Event Management
  2. Tourism Economics
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Retail Management
  5. Environmental Practices in Hospitality & Tourism
  6. Safety & Security Management
Semester VIII

On the Job Training

  1. Training Report
  2. Project Report