Bachelor of Performing Arts (Odissi Dance)

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Course Details

The curriculum includes courses on English Communication, Sanskrit, Cultural History and Yoga.

Besides opportunity to perform on stage, in various local and national level events organized inside as well as outside the campus, the students at SSU also gain exposure through the world-class conferences, festivals, events and various forums organized by the Art of Living.

Students are trained to become professional dancers with UGC approved qualifications, who can impart dance education by setting up their own studios or by teaching in schools.

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Odissi Dance)

03 Years full time

2020-21 Entry

10 Seats

10 + 2 or equivalent in any stream.*


Tuition fee per semester**

* It is your responsibility to ascertain that you
possess the requisite qualification for admission.
**There will be a separate admission fee, examination fee,
caution deposit etc in addition to the tuition fee.
Semester I
  1. English
  2. Yoga
  3. Odissi dance technique – I
  4. Odissi dance repertoire – I
  5. History of Indian dance
  6. Rhythm – I
Semester II
  1. Environmental science
  2. Odissi dance technique-II
  3. Odissi dance repertoire-II
  4. Fundamental knowledge of Odissi Dance
  5. Rhythm – II

Semester III
  1. Sanskrit
  2. Odissi dance technique – III
  3. Odissi dance repertoire – III
  4. Dance and mythology
  5. Rhythm – III
  6. Mardala (elective)
Semester IV
  1. Odissi dance technique – IV
  2. Odissi dance repertoire – IV
  3. Indian dances
  4. Life sketches
  5. Odissi vocal (elective)

Semester V
  1. Summer internship programme (SIP)
  2. Odissi dance repertoire – V
  3. Choreography – I
  4. Study of important texts for dance
  5. Study of instruments
  6. Folk dance of Odisha (elective)
Semester VI
  1. Odissi dance repertoire – VI
  2. Odissi dance repertoire – VII
  3. Choreography – II
  4. Design for traditional dance performance (aharya)
  5. Project work
  6. Meditation

Download SSU Info Booklet