Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hindustani Vocal)

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Fee Structure

Course Details

  • The curriculum features practical papers on technique, presentation and different types of compositions as well as theoretical papers on the historical, cultural, social, spiritual and contemporary aspects of the art form.
  • Apart from classroom teaching, workshops, seminars and lecture and demonstrations by eminent artists of national and international repute keep the students engaged at all times.
  • Once graduated, the students can become stage performers in government and private organizations. They can also teach in schools, or become music composers. They may also pursue higher studies and research.

Capstone Initiatives

  • Adopt various interdisciplinary activities merging music, dance, fine arts, architecture, mass media, and journalism in an integrated manner that also adds value to their degrees.
  • Both students and faculty are also encouraged to participate at various international platforms.

Course Features

  • Apart from music-related subjects, the curriculum also includes papers on Yoga, Sanskrit, English, communication, and spirituality for overall development.
  • A Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is followed similar to the syllabi of international universities.
  • The curriculum is holistic and far-sighted keeping sustainability as its main focus so that student can have all-round development.
  • The students are taught in studios.
  • Studio work is supervised by individual tutorials and group critical reviews encouraging students to develop essential skills.
  • Learning is not only confined to the studio, opportunities are given to students to also explore new styles. Sufficient exposure is provided to students by giving them numerous performance platforms.
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hindustani Vocal)

03 Years full time

2020-21 Entry

10 Seats

10 + 2 or equivalent in any stream.*


Tuition fee per semester**

* It is your responsibility to ascertain that you
possess the requisite qualification for admission.
**There will be a separate admission fee, examination fee,
caution deposit etc in addition to the tuition fee.
Semester I
  1. English
  2. Yoga
  3. Bilambit khayal – I
  4. Chhota khayal – I
  5. Theory of indian music – I
  6. Meditation
Semester II
  1. Environmental science
  2. Bilambit khayal – II
  3. Chhota khayal – II
  4. Theory of indian music – II
  5. Biographies of gurus and musicians
  6. Meditation

Semester III
  1. Sanskrit
  2. Bilambit khayal – III
  3. Chhota khayal – III
  4. Theory of indian music – III
  5. Instruments/vocal/dance/fine arts – I
  6. Meditation
Semester IV
  1. Bilambit khayal – IV
  2. Chhota khayal – IV
  3. Theory of indian music – IV
  4. Study of ancient granths
  5. (instruments/vocal/dance/fine arts) – II
  6. Meditation

Semester V
  1. Summer internship programme (SIP)
  2. Bilambit khayal – V
  3. Chhota khayal – V
  4. Theory of Indian music – V
  5. Origin and evolution of music
  6. Semi-classical gayaki
  7. Meditation
Semester VI
  1. Bilambit khayal – VI
  2. Chhota khayal – VI
  3. Theory of indian music – VI
  4. Study of instruments
  5. Studio practice
  6. Project work
  7. Meditation

Download SSU Info Booklet