Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management

What is Sports Management?

  • In order to manage the growing sports culture in the country, there is a large demand for highly
    trained and educated sports professionals who can meet the fast changing needs of the sport
  • The sporting business which was considered as a leisure or recreational activity has now become
    a multi-billion-dollar industry.
  • Many sports event management companies, sports clubs and organizations need highly
    competent sports administrators, supervisors, managers and other support staff to manage
    their day to day business.
  • In this career, you can continue to live out your passion for sport, for just as long as you want.
    Instead of a boring 9 to 5 desk job, you would be a part of one of the most vibrant and fun-filled
    industries in the world.

A Sports Management degree takes the student from being just a fan, or a player, and teaches them the
Business of Sports!

About the Course

  • The two semester course (given below) is designed to give students a professional exposure to the structure, economic impact, organization, marketing, funding of the sports Industry as well as laws and regulations that all leisure and recreational organizations have to follow.
  • Through this program student will learn the tools and techniques of sports administration including those of event management as well as acquaint them with contemporary trends and issues in sport.
  • The candidates would also acquire business skills relating to public relations, marketing and entrepreneurship, which would assist them in the administration of institutions engaged in various sporting activities.
  • Sports law is growing to be an important aspect of the sports industry. The knowledge of the legal aspects of sports business is a tool which each manager must acquire. The course has a subject dedicated to the legal aspects of sport.

The course is planned and co- ordinated, by the highly regarded Centre of Sports and Management Studies Trust, henceforth called CS& MS, co- owned by the former Indian Tennis Player and Davis Cup and Fed Cup coach,Mr EnricoPiperno. He is supported in this venture in an honorary capacity, by fellow Trustee, Wing CommanderArijit Ghosh(Retd), a formerRanji Trophy Player, Level B coach from the BCCI National Cricket Academy and Match Referee for domestic matches, and former Secretary of the Indian Air Force Sports Board.

Semester I
  1. Computing and graphics (2 Credits)
  2. Business Communication and Public Relations (2 Credits)
  3. Management Principles (3 Credits)
  4. Organizational Behaviour and Sports Psychology (3 Credits) / An introduction to
    Sports Journalism including TV and Radio coverage
  5. Sports Marketing & Merchandising(3 Credits)
  6. Sports Finance (3 Credits) / The Business of Sport including Sports Funding and
    Global Sports Tourism.
  7. Sports laws & regulation and Ethics (3 Credits) / An introduction to laws governing
    sport and arbitration.
  8. Winter Internship
Semester II
  1. Sports Facilities Planning & Management(3 Credits)
  2. Sports Analytics Management (2 Credits)
  3. Spectator management (2 Credits) / Organization and Administration of Sports In
    India : Role of the Govt and Various National Sports Federations and Bodies
  4. Administration of Specific Games (2 Credits) / Management of professional Sports
    Leagues and Teams In India (Specialization in Football, Cricket, Tennis)
  5. Event Management and Sponsorship (3 Credits)
  6. Research Methodology (3 Credits) / Sports Brand Management
  7. Management of Facilities and Development of Sporting Talent (3 Credits) /
    Management of Grassroots and Long Term Athlete Development Programmes
  8. Entrepreneurship and Project Work

Course Structure

S.No.Paper CodePaper NameCredit
1DSM-101Organization and Management in Sports4
2DSM-102Managing and Promoting Sports Events4
3DSM-103Ethics in Sports4
4DSM-104Leadership Principal in Sports4
5DSM-105Sports training and Conditioning4
6DSM-106Advertising, Public Relation and Sponarship in Sports4
7DSM-107Sports Media and Event Management4
S.No.Paper CodePaper NameCredit
1DSM-201Sports Facilities Planning and Management4
2DSM-202Basics of Sports Medicine and Nutrition4
3DSM-203Sports Marketing4
4DSM-204Funding in Sports4
5DSM-205Sports Law and Risk Management4
6DSM-206Psychology of Sports4
7DSM-207Managing Sports Organisation4