MA (Economics)

Course Details

Economics education gives a thorough understanding of the economy and business. You can learn how a business operates, as well as explore how all the economic, political, social, cultural and technological decisions that go along with businesses can positively and negatively impact our society, or even the world. It focuses on the factors that drive economic behavior at both an individual and organizational level.

It equips you with analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information and efficient and practical solutions. Our programme offers core units that introduce the key principles of commerce.

Course Features:

  • Comprehensive Teaching (Coverage of both theoretical & empirical Knowledge).
  • In depth understanding of key economic and social relationships.
  • Equips you with the necessary tools to analyze economic policy using state of the art methods.
  • Rigorous training to enhance research skills.
  • offers a training to pursue high professional as well as academic career.
MA Economics

02 Years full time

2020-21 Entry

30 Seats

Graduate with a minimum
aggregate of 50% marks in any stream*

INR 60,000*

Tuition fee per semester**

* It is your responsibility to ascertain that you
possess the requisite qualification for admission.
**There will be a separate admission fee, examination fee,
caution deposit etc in addition to the tuition fee.