MA – Journalism and Mass Communication

Course Details

  • Students are trained to use the ‘Press’ which helps them to develop themselves into socially responsible media professionals.
  • Emerging communication technologies are taught and the students are encouraged to develop multitasking skills to prepare them for communication for undertaking teaching or research.
  • During this course, students develop a global perspective and learn about ethical journalism by remaining in sync with the latest technology.
  • The department provides exposure to other areas including industrial visits and expert sessions, documentary/ cinema workshops, media labs and personal portfolio design

The course aims to make students develop a global perspective and learn about ethical journalism. Develop multitasking skills required in the dynamic multi-media convergent environment and prepares them on communication for undertaking research It includes specialized fields related to writing, editing, reporting, photography and all its allied fields like photo-editing, documentary film-making cinematography, videography and streams related to social media and the new media fields.


Course Features

  • The curriculum has been designed to develop students’ critical thinking abilities and practical skills, thus enabling them to take up media-related positions in a changing media environment.
  • Here, students are made to enhance both theoretical and practical aspects of learning.
  • The course is structured according to the current trends and needs by training the students in writing and reporting with a sense of social responsibility.
  • Various specialized field relating to writing, editing, reporting, photography and other allied fields like photo-editing, documentary film-making and cinematography has also been included in the curriculum.
  • Orientations based on business and industry and the environment is held for students so that they are well versed in current trends and news.
  • Industry mentors
  • Minimum 8 software taught
  • Regular practical workshops
  • Emphasis on digital media & ethical Journalism
  • Mix of industry experts and academicians in teaching
  • Counselling at Vivechana available
  • Spiritual courses, meditation
MA Journalism & Mass Communication

02 Years full time

2020-21 Entry

15 Seats

graduation or equivalent in any stream.*


Tuition fee per semester**

* It is your responsibility to ascertain that you
possess the requisite qualification for admission.
**There will be a separate admission fee, examination fee,
caution deposit etc in addition to the tuition fee.