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Psychology can be the best career choice

Psychology is the study that covers the human mind and its behaviour. It has numerous applications on all aspects of life, namely- work, family, relationships, sports, industries and in organisational spaces. Psychology is a diverse field and covers interesting facts about life.

The science of human behaviour emerged in Germany and during the World War, psychology drifted to the United States and emerged in India approximately 70 years ago. Since then, our Indian Psychologists have worked quite hard to recognize psychology as a separate discipline.

In order to pursue a career as a Psychologist, one should have a genuine desire to understand and help another human being. It takes a psychologist to study the processes, motives, reactions, feelings and the overall nature of the human mind. Psychologists apply their knowledge and techniques to a broad range of endeavours, human services, management, education, law and sports. They bring about changes in the thought process of people by counselling them and thereby improving their quality of life.

The field of psychology has been gradually getting more and more precise, due to the advances in medical sciences, brain studies, and scientific use of computers for statistical analysis. The more precise our information is about the functionality of the brain, its comparative analysis of symptoms and broader studies of different populations, the more advanced psychology can become.

Psychology as a discipline is based on scientific theories and major research work. The students interested in the field of research need to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Psychology can prove to be a great career option as human psychology is employed everywhere around us since it studies the human mind and behaviour. One can obtain a graduate degree to build a base in psychology from a well-recognised institute and then go on to specialise on any of its branches. While studying all the subjects of psychology during the bachelor’s degree, will further help the student to identify his area of interest, from the branches like General Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, etc. Psychology in India is gaining importance and is high on demand. One can go for various job opportunities once they complete their master’s program.

The area of jobs can include:

  • Counsellor required in NGOs, Old age homes and Rehabilitation Centres
  • Education Sector, as School Counsellors, trainers, career counsellors
  • Clinical psychologists, they are in great demand. Although one must complete M.Phil before starting an independent practice
  • Organisational psychologists, work for MNCs, organisations, Human Resource and development
  • Research, both qualitative and quantitative research are promising areas

Psychology is a highly rewarding and lucrative field of study. A psychologist can earn well depending on various factors like his qualifications, area of specialization and experience in the profession