Sri Sri University is driven with the firm belief that high quality education and a world-class learning experience can be made available right here in India. We provide students cutting-edge technology and ideas from the West combined with core spiritual values and wisdom of India to create knowledgeable and ethical individuals who will be effective anywhere in the world adding strength and stability in these times of dynamic change.

The same land, which attracted students from all over the world for its renowned learning centres, is now a place where the best homegrown talent goes abroad to seek better education. These young people not only become ambassadors of the country where they study, but also their university, inspiring more students to do the same. This becomes a vicious circle where the advantage of India’s best talent is taken by foreign countries and economies to flourish while India bears the brunt of brain drain.

It is time to reverse this trend.

Envisioned by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living presents Sri Sri University- a small yet significant step towards recapturing the past glory of India as the epicentre of knowledge.

Vidya Vriksh

Since time immemorial, India was revered as the land of profound wisdom with the greatest of achievements in the spheres of science, technology, humanity, arts and spirituality.India was said to be the mother of all races and Sanskrit the mother of all languages. Students and seekers from far and wide came in search of this promised land where the most precious treasures discovered by humans were to be found.

Sadly, because of centuries of oppression and major invasions, all this was lost. Our storehouses of knowledge libraries and universities were sacked, plundered, burned and destroyed – precious knowledge lost for generations to come.

We invite you to contribute and be a part of the endeavour