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Residential Facilities

We have multiple halls of residence both for boys and girls, located conveniently next to the university dining hall.

Constructed in a quarry, these halls of residence for the students- ‘Kailash’, ‘Ambar’, ‘Kadambari’, ‘Aravali’, ‘HB 4’ and ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhavan’ are well- ventilated and fully furnished with provision for twin, triple and four sharing rooms, depending on the course to be pursued. 

Air-conditioned rooms are provided based on availability. Geyser for hot water facility is provided during the winter. Ensuring a safe hygienic stay, clean drinking water treated with the RO process is available.

The social hub for all the halls of residence in the common room which has facilities like Television and indoor games of Table Tennis. 

The halls of residence are designed such, to provide a peaceful environment for the students with all precautions taken for their safety.