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Rotaract Club of Sri Sri University Invites to you a tree plantation drive

BY            Ms. Anita Singh
               Sri Sri University Clubs 


Come be part of the upcoming tree plantation drive on 3rd August, 2021.

Forests are like the lungs of our nation which purifies the air and gives fresh strength to our people. But how far we people try to protect them. Millions of trees are destroyed within a few seconds.

We are paying for our own faults. It is resulting in Climate change and other natural disasters. So it is very high time to save our earth.

Let’s take the baby step by planting a sample. So all you need to do is register yourself in the link given below and upload a pic or a video on a Google drive which will be sent in your mail by 3rd August.

For any queries that you might with regards to the plantation drive you can contact

Gagan: +91-7840003152
Abhishek: +91- 9265760489

Click here to register for the tree plantation drive