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Ryo Takahashi


  • Ph.D.(Education) Ph.D.Bioethics,Sustainability,and Global Health)

Journals (If any)

  • Odisha Journal of Social Science. , Dash Ak, Panda N, Prusty M, Sahu S. (2021) Relative efficiency of different sources of sulphur on yield and soil nutrient status in kharif rice (Oryza sativa). Oryza, Vol (57) 288-295[NAAS 4.6]

What subject you teach at SSU ?

Philosophy of Gerontology

Awards (if any)

IASSID Fellow. Rotary Honorary membership.

Other Accomplishments

  • Currently serving as a Professor at the American University of Sovereign Nations

  • Previously worked as Professor at Sendai University, Japan
  • Past member of Temple Square Tabernacle Choir Member 1993-1994


  • Meditation with prayer and searching scripture
    And searching family history. And keeping journal